When my wife and I were looking into buying a house, we toured areas in the GTA with several agents. It took 3 tries, but we're glad we were picky and found Rashida. She took the time to understand our needs and had the patience to work with us over a 6-month period. The house we purchased with her help has been with us for over 6-years. She also knew about the house before public listing and we avoided a bidding war in a hot market. We will always think of her first if we (or our friends) are in the market.
Rashida, Thank you. I can't believe how you got us the deal finalized, as I had lost all faith in acquiring this property. Your great talent in negotiations with multiple offers on the property was commendable. I could not get a better agent then you as you have proved to us time and again for all the dealings I have had through you for all my properties may it be in buying or selling. Great job Rashida, keep it up and thanks again.
Rashida Dhalla you truly are the best Real Estate agent in the world!! Thank you for always being so very patient over the years, for always going beyond the call of duty to please us, for the many Tim Horton coffees and the many tasty lunches, for the long phone calls and for always answering our texts so promptly. You truly are a professional and know how to make your clients feel as if their needs are first and foremost on your list. Doing this work is not only about showing houses, it is about really knowing your clients well and knowing how to really listen beyond what they are saying. I was always in awe of how you knew when to respond and when to be quiet and when to give us space to discuss and just how to keep your facial expressions straight enough to not appear judgemental lol. I know we were not the easiest of people to please. It took us a long, long time to finally decide. And we asked a lot of questions and needed a lot of reassurance. But you never showed frustration or exasperation. You were always calm and professional and you always made me feel safe to express my feelings. I actually really enjoyed seeing houses with you alone. The conversations we had were really beautiful and gave me a pleasant glimpse into what a spiritual person and an amazing mother you are. Honestly, these few years as your client have given me newfound respect for you and really made me grateful for the new friend I have found in you. No wonder you are such a top seller in your field. You truly are a natural at this and it is your personality that sells the houses!! Rashida, the extra, extra long stemmed pink roses you brought for us at our housewarming majlis are truly, by far the BEST roses I have ever received in my entire life. There wasn't a vase tall enough for them (they were over 3 ft tall 😱😱😱) and luckily the family Tanwir Fatema Khatau had brought us a gift of a huge vase. I filled the vase and it was so very heavy that I could never change the water after that first day on May 29. It is June 14 today and and the roses are STILL alive!! Those undying roses are a testament to your sincerity and pure heart Rashida. May Allah swt bless you and your lovely family and give you all the success you so very much deserve both in the here and in the hereafter. AMEEN Ps. I am reciting sura Fateha (and invite all that read this to do the same) for your lovely mother marhuma Nargis Aunty for bringing up such an amazing daughter!
I had the good fortune of engaging the services of Mrs. Rashida Dhalla for both personal and commercial real estate transactions. In both cases, Rashida demonstrated professionalism, tact and perseverance in achieving win/win outcomes. I would not hesitate to recommend Rashida’s services to other potential clients.
Rashida put our house on the market and we had at least 6 showings a day. She managed to sell our house in 3 days and we got just $1,000 under asking. Additionally, it was great working with her, she was dedicated to finding us a new house and was extremely professional in the process. I wish you continued success, Rashida.
"Rashida's meteoric rise to the top of the real estate industry is not a mere coincidence. She knows the market, recognizes trends, and understands how to capitalize on them. She is a savvy and confident negotiator and helps get the best deals for you. We've bought and sold with her several times and continue to trust in her in the future."​
Great service! Very professional and sincere in her approach. Took two weeks to find the perfect house and we made an offer and closed the deal before anyone even had a chance to put a competing offer in. Rashida worked with us to ensure we got our financing sorted out and everything closed smoothly.
Michael Mischke Owner, 4Sight Inspections Inc. Real Estate Investor. I have worked with Rashida enough times now to know that her attention to the client is top priority. On each home inspection I have performed for our clients she has been right there getting an understanding of all the findings and she discusses these findings with the client to determine the best possible outcome for them. Rashida is not about closing deals. She is there for the client first and foremost. Rashida is definately at the top of my list of agents to work with and I would not hesitate to have her represent me in any real estate transaction.
We have had the pleasure of working with Rashida for the purchase and sale of 2 homes over the past several years. We have found her to be very professional and informative throughout the process. She worked tirelessly to ensure we purchased and sold at optimum prices. It is great to have a real estate agent who you can develop a level of trust with to know they will do whatever it takes to ensure your needs are met. We have recommended her to several of our friends and family with similar results.
Hi Rashida, we really enjoyed the time we spent with you. In fact, you managed to utterly exceed our expectations on how much value a real state agent can add, props to you. rnIn addition, you were able to provide us great insight on the houses and market. We appreciate all your knowledge and help throughout the process. rnIt will be our pleasure recommend you to our friends, and to continue to work with you in the future.

We finally had a chance to sit and think about the home buying process (both buying and selling) and realized just how smooth you made the entire process.  We were thinking back to the first time when Fatema called you to set up a meet and greet and you were very gracious with your time.  For our first meeting, you were very prepared with a detailed market evaluation of our house.  This set up our expectations right away and we knew what to expect. 

On the buying front, it was great to go around and look at houses at our preferred times and you always went the extra step to reach out to your network to find homes that weren’t listed or that were coming down the road for us to consider.  The offering process was also quick and easy.  The first time it didn’t quite go as planned and your patience was very much appreciated.  

On the buying front, you gave us a range of what to expect and achieved the top end of that range which was fantastic!  You almost secured us far more than we were expecting but it didn’t pan out (and that’s ok!).  Even after the transactions were completed, you’ve been in touch regularly to clear up staging, connect us with the lawyer and get them our paperwork which is more than we expected. 

We wanted to sincerely thank you for your time and effort through the process and we will definitely be referring you to friends and family in the future. 


Fatema and Mohamed

More than we expected
It was a pleasure working with Rashida on the purchase of our home. She kept our needs forefront and was always accessible to answer questions. If you are looking for someone Professional, honest with dynamic energy, we highly recommend Rashida.
Feedback on our experience with Rush Buying a house is a stressful process regardless of whether you're a first time buyer or a seasoned veteran. As our family was expanding, we needed to get out of our condo and into a house. When it came time to really start getting serious about buying, we knew that whomever we were going to work with needed to be able to make us laugh while maintaining professionalism, respond appropriately to any freak out emails or text messages that we would inevitably send at dinner time, and most importantly, make us feel confident about our choices. Admittedly, that's a tall order. We had the pleasure of working with Rashida in Summer of 2011. We instantly clicked with Rashida from the start. We met her for a meeting to discuss what we were looking for and within the next few days, we were off and running looking at homes. Rashida really understands her clients. It took only a few days and a couple of houses to understand that she really absorbed what we had told her we were looking for, and showed us houses that fit our needs. There was no wasted time running from house to house because we may like it or it meets some of the criteria. We saw what we needed to see! Rashida is a smart negotiator, an attribute that has been refined through the number of transactions she's been a part of on both the buying and selling end. Her advice during the negotiating phase was invaluable and after we talked, she always made us feel better about whatever decision we were about to make. Don't let her charm fool you - with more than a decade of experience, she knows her stuff and has a keen eye for the market and future trends. We found a home that we both fell in love with and Rashida took over from there. Whenever we showed concern or sent her knee-jerk messages, Rashida always displayed an amazing amount of patience in lightheartedly responding and giving us the straight talk to make us realize we were freaking out over nothing. Her timing and humor were much appreciated to break up any tension or stress of the process - especially when it came time to sign on the dotted line. She was right there with us answering any last minute questions as we signed all of our closing documents. But it didn't end there! Now that we had purchased a home, we still had to sell our condo! Well, in a matter of ONE WEEK, Rashida had sold our condo for the price we wanted! She made it look too easy. After all was said and done, we were a young family with our first house and room for our family to grow into. Rashida even went a step further and visited us in our new home to make sure we were happy, and believe me, we have no regrets. She builds relationships with her clients and isn't just concerned about making the sale...she genuinely wants her clients to have long-term happiness. As side note, the area we bought our house in (thanks to Rashida's recommendation), has seen an overall appreciation in value! We have not hesitated to recommend Rashida to anyone we know who is interested in buying and/or selling property, and stand behind her work 100%.

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