Rashida Dhalla

Broker of Record

Integrity, Confidence, Determination, and a professional attitude are what makes Rashida Dhalla a top Broker in the Real Estate Industry. True to her words, this highly dedicated Real Estate Broker uses her experience and expertise in the marketplace to identify her clients’ unique wants and needs. Rashida’s optimistic approach combined with her determination has helped advance her career to the apex of success. As a proud Owner and Broker of Record for her own Real Estate Brokerage, she is clearly identified as a leader in the industry. Early in her career, Rashida worked alongside her brother and late father in the fashion industry for over 10 years. With world renowned labels such as Streetwear, Streetforce, Jezebel, and the luxury menswear brand, Haight & Ashbury for those who are not defined by time or place but by attitude. Having said that, it is evident that Rashida has implemented these values into her career. With previous experience working in Real Estate; at Re/Max MVP (owned and operated by her oldest late Brother, Meb Dhalla), along with ten years of experience in the United States, and her powerful experience acquired as the Branch Administrator at Re/ Max Realtron. Working with the public, locally, and worldwide has perfected and moulded her for a successful career in Real Estate. Rashida, being a single mother at the time, wanted a fulfilling career with flexibility to spend time with her two young children Adam and Hannah (having been taught that failure was never an option) - hence her career launched. Having a brand like Re/Max that has worldwide recognition for being “Above the Crowd” along with a strong team of professions that work alongside of her, has proven to be highly rewarding for Rashida. As both a listing and buyer Broker, Rashida has the keen sense, ability, and perception needed in order to succeed and generate rewarding results. Rashida is aware of her environment but not defined by it. She is self-aware yet not self-concerned. She is a confident-individual who expresses her own style, which defines her personality at best. Rashida looks forward to many more successful years ahead in doing what she loves, building lasting relationships and enjoying every aspect of her life.

Areas of focus: GTA

Language Spoken: English, Katchi, Gujrati, Urdu

Karen Meshwork


Karen began her real estate career in her early years. “Born and bred” in real estate, she became a part time evening secretary before starting high school. By the time she could drive, she was managing an administrative staff of 50. At the ripe, old age of 18, she got her real estate license. Her Broker’s license was earned by age 20. Karen’s ethics, drive and love of people drew her into the family business. Growing up in a home where her father was one of the top Realtors in the GTA, Karen had the opportunity to absorb the details of sales and marketing that led to his epic success. After learning the ropes in sales, Karen decided that management would be a great next step. “When your family owns the #1 RE/MAX Franchise in Canada, you want to learn every aspect of the business. The experience at different levels of the industry fosters knowledge and respect for those people who fill the various roles involved in real estate sales”. For the last 20 years, Karen has managed, trained and coached many of the 800+ top Realtron Realtors, guiding them to take their business to the next level. RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada honoured Karen with the Manager of the Year Award in both 2001 and 2012 for her professional contributions and outstanding achievements. She can’t thank her family enough for encouraging her to learn every level of this industry from administration, to sales and marketing, to management. Now it’s her turn. Finally, it’s time to practice what she preached. First hand experience in dealing with Buyers and Sellers, solving difficult problems, handling unusual situations and striving to negotiate the best outcomes for her clients, has helped Karen hone her skills. It is with passion, courage of conviction and a strong sense of self, that Karen now leaps into the next stage of her real estate career. Propelled by her desire to work with and help others, Karen moves from the world of management to the world of sales with a staggering 30 years of experience and an inspiring reputation in the industry.

Anne Marie Zottola


With over 29 years of experience as a professional Real Estate Assistant, Anne Marie has a proven track record of strong performance in high-volume, high-pressure environments. Starting out early, at the age of 18, Anne Marie knew she was destined for real estate and started working in a real estate office with more than 30 real estate agents. She knew then that she wanted to pursue a career in real estate so she obtained her license. After that she took some time to raise her family but with real estate always in the back of her mind. After trying a few jobs while raising her family she decided to return to real estate and work as a real estate assistant and the rest is history. Today she skillfully manages the Rashida Dhalla Team; at Re|Max Realtron Rashida Dhalla Realty Brokerage and all office related administrative duties as well as client relations for her piers. As an experienced Real Estate Assistant and Office Manager, she ensures the smooth day to day operations of the firm with her robust extensive knowledge of the Real Estate Industry. Her efficient handling of client inquiries, relations, consultations, and timely access to brokers make her stand out as she provides support to the brokers in fulfilling their ongoing professional development, training workshops, and seminar presentations.

Language Spoken: English, Italian & Spanish

Gary Fooks

CEO & Broker

There is never a problem too big or a time of day too late to ask a question. If there is a solution, I will find it. I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals by purchasing their biggest asset, renovating, constructing or adding to their investment portfolio. One of the most important aspects of my service is to ensure that my clients have a thorough understanding of their situation and what will work best for them now and in the future. My high level of commitment, attention to detail, access to the latest and best market information, and availability, means that my clients have all the facts to make decisions that work for them. My goal is to provide a smart solution tailored to every client individually and to find the best product to ensure a smooth process.

Caroline Misetich

Mobile Mortgage Specialist

Whether you are purchasing a home, looking to transfer a mortgage or refinancing an existing mortgage to consolidate debt, I can help you find the best mortgage solution. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned homeowner, I am committed to making your mortgage experience comfortable and easy. With over 10 years of service in the financial industry, I look forward to providing you with professional financial advice and exceptional customer service.

Language Spoken: English, Arabic

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