Want to buy a house in Upper West Side? Tips for first-timers!

Tuesday Aug 21st, 2018


Here are some tips for first-timers who want to buy a house in Upper West Side. Follow these to make this process simple, cost-effective, and profitable.  Find a realtor with a successful track record. A realtor who understands Upper West Side neighborhood is your best bet. Buying a house for sale in Upper West Side or any other location for that matter is a big financial commitment and an even bigger one emotionally. So, it is important that you choose a realtor who is not only good at... [read more]

Hire a Realtor When Buying or Renting a House in Upper West Side

Wednesday Jul 25th, 2018


Whether you want to buy an Upper West Side house for sale or rent an Upper West Side house, you can’t expect a profitable transaction if you don’t have an experienced realtor guiding you at every step. You need someone who knows the real estate market of Upper West Side all too well. Someone who has been in the business long enough to understand the needs of buyers, sellers, renters, tenants and what needs to be done to ensure that every one of those needs are met. To buy a... [read more]