Rashida's Corner - March Market Update

Thursday Mar 14th, 2019


  No real surprises in the market, approximately the same number of sales as last February, 5,025, with approximately the same number of listings, 13,284, which is less than 3 listings for every sale, making it an overall “sellers” market as buyers have few choices when purchasing a home. While this is an average number, the reality is that homes over $1,000,000 are experiencing a balanced or even a buyer’s market depending on location. A balanced market is... [read more]

Find Your Dream Home With Assistance From Rashida Dhalla

Sunday Dec 23rd, 2018

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Realizing the dream of finding the “perfect home” can sometimes be an arduous journey which can only be successfully accomplished if people are ready to commit financially and emotionally. Buying new property is a quite important investment and any carelessness in the process can have devastating outcomes. Going through apartment listings and driving miles to end in disappointment is every home-seeker’s nightmare. In order to avoid such circumstances, many people opt for... [read more]