A record month for the GTA!

Thursday Oct 8th, 2020


A record month for the GTA! 11,083 homes sold in September, 42.3 % more than a year ago. As of the end of September, despite Covid,  sales were up 1% compared to the same period last year. Proof of the desire for home ownership in Toronto! Here are two factors that brought many more buyers into the marketplace. The Canadian government gave out 53 billion dollars in aid to Canadians, while at the same time Canadians  lost 23 billion dollars in wages. That difference resulted in an... [read more]

Rashida's Corner - March Market Update

Thursday Mar 14th, 2019


  No real surprises in the market, approximately the same number of sales as last February, 5,025, with approximately the same number of listings, 13,284, which is less than 3 listings for every sale, making it an overall “sellers” market as buyers have few choices when purchasing a home. While this is an average number, the reality is that homes over $1,000,000 are experiencing a balanced or even a buyer’s market depending on location. A balanced market is... [read more]

Looking for Patterson Houses for Sale - Hire Rashida Dhalla

Thursday Sep 27th, 2018


Why do you want to buy a house for sale in Patterson? Are you tired of paying rent? Are you planning to move for work or any other reason? Whatever you have in your mind, there is a house for sale in Patterson just for you.  The joy of buying a home is one of the best feelings. Owning a home may be a dream you’ve always had. You may have shared your dream with some, you may have kept it to yourself. Once you are ready to go ahead, and have a good idea of what kind of home... [read more]